10 Productivity Tips for Realtors {Anatomy of a Happy Office}

Having worked closely with many realtors in my career, I love the opportunity to share here some of the tips I have given them to help them have a more productive, successful business.   It is not easy to stay on top of everything but if you can take some of this advice to practice, you will start to see some amazing results.

10 Productivity Tips for Realtors

  1.  Break big tasks into smaller pieces.
  2. Set your priorities.
  3. Isolate the one task that you have to get done.
  4. Start easy.
  5. If it is not your forte, delegate it.
  6. Set deadlines.
  7. Don’t start your day with emails.
  8. Create a flexible schedule.
  9. Forget multi-tasking.
  10. Work hard when you are in the zone.

My infographic below gives more details on these tips.  Keep following my blog for more ways to increase productivity and see more success in your real estate business.

All through November, all of the advisors at our office are doing a series of articles, tips and tools and geared toward the “Anatomy of a Happy Office”.  Follow all of our blogs to read it all.
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