I Smell Results


Have you ever been on the cusp of doing something you never thought you could do?  Perhaps as you read these words you feel like you are destined for something greater?  Maybe you’ve dreamed a dream and are longing to feel it, see it, and taste it?  Does the very thought of it seem so exciting you can actually smell it?  If so, all that’s standing between you and your dream is FOCUS…

In today’s society, focusing isn’t easy.  I’m willing to bet that right this very moment you are battling one or more distractions.  Look around you.  Think about your day. Can you name more than one thing that bothers you?  So how on earth do we reach our goals when we’re overwhelmed with everything and everyone that pulls us in different directions?  I’ll tell you how.

This part is important and it hit me square in the face when I first heard it: “devoting a little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing,” says author Andy Stanley.  Think about that.  Re-read it: “devoting a little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing.”

Could this be why you aren’t living your dream?  Something’s gotta give…so what is it?

Who’s the Ying to Your Yang?

Balance is everything
Balance is everything

In business and in life, balance is one of the hardest things to achieve.  We are being pulled in different directions at any second of the day.  Whether it’s keeping up with e-mails, marketing ourselves, handling customer phone calls, keeping the books up-to-date, prospecting, managing employees, tracking and analyzing results, ensuring quality control of our products or services, planning for future growth, managing risk, and the list goes on and on and on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed!  Maybe you feel that way right now?!?

If you’ve been blessed with a great spouse, you understand how having someone to balance you can be the secret to holding it all together.  If not, you get that failure is not an option because who else would pick up the pieces if you drop the ball?  Owning a company isn’t really that different if you think about it.  Going solo can mean tremendous pressure.  Having the right partner, however, can be the key to incredible success!

Take my financial advisory practice for instance – my business partner, Trent, balances me in every area I need it.  Not only do Trent and I share in the workload, we also get to bounce ideas off of each other.  If we have an issue, we can rely on each other to work through it.  If we have an idea, we serve as each other’s filter and can easily play devil’s advocate to ensure an idea actually makes sense.  When we are ready to run, it’s more like a relay than a sprint with a cheerleader always on the sidelines.  In a world where you can’t be everything to everyone, we are free to specialize and come together to provide a deeper and more well-rounded level of expertise and service.

Partnerships do take work, but they can be extremely effective in balancing your business, your life, or your projects.  Stick around and we’ll explore some more tips on how Trent and I have achieved an incredible partnership, and I’ll also share how my husband, Rob, and I work together in his window treatment business in the same way.  But I’m curious…what questions do you have about partnerships that you’d like us to explore first?

Following Your Dreams May Not Be as Hard as You Think

Rob and I have always loved to travel.  I remember when I was pregnant with Jake he visited over 10 states and two countries all while he was in my belly!  Travel is exhilarating to me!  I love seeing new places, observing how people outside of Alabama live their lives, and taste new foods!  Right now, I’m on a mission to see all 50 states and expose the kiddos to the world around them before they turn 18.  This is definitely on my bucket list!

I often wonder what other people dream about…what types of things are on their bucket lists? It’s crazy how you can’t visit a social media site these days without hearing about a friend’s trip to some really cool place.  Perhaps you want to travel somewhere that seems to be out of reach right now?  Here’s some tips to turn that dream into a reality…

  1. Check out Bucketlist.org, a website dedicated to people’s dreams.  You can create a list of your own to check off items as you accomplish them or you can see what other people have on their lists.  The most popular bucket list dreams include swimming with dolphins, going on a cruise, and throwing a dart at a map to select a travel destination.
  2. Devote time to making it happen – Sometimes money isn’t always what stops us from traveling or reaching our dreams.  If you want to learn a new language, maybe today is the day to purchase Rosetta Stone or  sign up for a class.  If you need to save for a trip, set a goal and start planning.  There are all sorts of fun things you can plan while you allow your savings to accumulate.  Have you been wanting to take more pictures?  Challenge yourself to snap a picture every day for a year.  Go grab your camera right now and get started!  Why wait?
  3. Learn to budget – No one is too smart or rich for a budget!  If you track where you money is going, you’ll be in a position to make the most of it.  You get to control where your discretionary money goes, not someone else.  You’ll be more motivated to avoid impulse purchases if you know you’re working toward something you really want!

For more tips on turning your dreams into reality, visit my facebook page!  I’d love to hear about your bucket list and the inspiring things you’re doing to turn them into reality!